Professor Michael Fuller and Kiro Ristov explored the extensive ruins of Tsar Samoil's castle situated in Orhid with Klime Popev to look for parallels with the 2005 excavation at Markovi Kule on Mt. Vodno.

Pentagonal tower on the southwest corner of Czar Samoil's fortress.

Round tower on the west side of Czar Samoil's fortress.

Tower in the northwest corner of Czar Samoil's fortress and the North Gate.

Restored paraports along the west wall of Czar Samoil's fortress.

North Gate to Czar Samoil's fortress.

Cistern lined with pink, hydaulic plaster near the North Gate to the upper portion of Czar Samoil's fortress.

Lower Gate belonging to the town wall of Ohrid.

GPS data for Czar Samoil's castle in Ohrid:

Cistern lined with pink, hydraulic plaster near North Gate

N 41 degrees 06.885'
E 20 degrees 47.460'
Elevation 793 meters

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