Peene - Murat (23GA22)

The Peene-Murat petroglyph site in Gasconade County was documented by Robert Elgin (member of the Missouri Archaeological Society) during 1958. This site is very isolated and located on private land; it is not open to the public. The site was placed on the National Register in 1969.

Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000:Plate 10) identify the petroglyphs in this image as a crescent, star/supernova and rabbit tracks. The crescent and rabbit tracks are very distinct. Elgin's photograph from 1958 shows a chalked star with 8 points immediately to the right of the crescent. A very faint, shallow petroglyph may be adjacent to the crescent. A circle is very clearly visible inside of the crescent.

A different viewing perspective of the petroglyph cluster with the specific petroglyphs identified.

Flat sandstone bedrock (glade) where the Peene-Murat site is situated.

The Peenie-Murat Site (23GA22) is discussed by Carol Diaz-Granados (1993) and Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000:58, 67, 68, 110, 115-15, 121, 130, 131, 135, 136, 158, 164, 173, 176, 181, 182, 199, 224, 228, 250).

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