Peterson Site - Points that are not Clovis

Small projectile point
Length = 24.5 mm, width = 20.8 mm, thickness = 4.9 mm and weight = 2.6 grams. Chambers collection.

Unfluted preform or lanceolate. Chambers collection.

Midsection for semi-translucent flint. Length = 26.9 mm, width = 25.6 mm, thickness = 6.1mm and weight = 6.0 grams. Chambers collection.

Miniature point!!! Length = 25.9 mm, width = 14.3 mm, thickness = 3.0 mm, and weight = 1.1 grams. Chambers collection.

Fluted Dalton point measures 56 x 23 x 6 mm and weighs 9.5 grams. Light gray chert with white Bryozoan and gray Foraminiferia fossil inclusions. Peterson Collection.

A medium size lump of hematite from the surface of the Peterson site is very significant. It could have been used for creating red pigment. Red ochre, a related mineral that is much softer and less likely to survive plowing, was used to coat Clovis points in some caches found in the Northwest USA.

Piece of hematite measures 53 x 31 x 10 mm and weights 25.3 grams. Peterson Collection

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