Professors Michael Fuller and Neathery Fuller visited Philae in 2007.

Conna, Ann, Neathery and Amira in the boat heading for Philae.

Our guide, Dr. Morad Nasr.

Shuttle boats with the Egyptian flag.

Entrance fee sign.

Front courtyard of the Temple of Isis.

Large pylons.

Traja 's kiosk at the Philae temple.

Odd goddess relief.

Closeup of snake surrounding Nile goddess.

Very late glyph inscription.

Relief of Osiris.

Hathor (defaced) nurses the young king.

Defaced images of Isis and the King.

French inscription and coordinates.

Boat side view of the Temple.

Click here to see images of the Coptic use of the temple.
Special thanks to Neathery Fuller, Amira Fuller and to Dr. Morad Nasr (our guide to the sites).

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