Roman flagon from the 2008 excavation at Scupi in the Republic of Macedonia.

Summer 2008 excavation units at Scupi uncovered a large church structure.

Professor Neathery Fuller looks at the new excavation units at Scupi.

Marble columns uncovered by excavation during 2008 at Scupi.

Small columns from the second story of the newly discovered church at Scupi.

Professor Kiro Ristov (left), from the Museum of Skopje, describes the 2008 excavation results to American and Macedonian students.

Will have to move the blackdirt pile to uncover the apse.

Small, metal cross that was found associated with a Christian burial at Scupi.

Professor Kiro Ristov stands in the 2008 excavation area where the city wall and a round tower were discovered during the summer of 2008.

Foundation of the round tower along the city wall of Scupi.
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