Battle wound (cut) on the left parietal bone of a man 45 to 50 years of age; Medieval Period.

Battle wound (cut) on the occipital bone of a man, 40 years of age; Medieval Period

Battle wound (cut) on the left shoulder (brachium) of a man; Medieval Period.

Medieval lead seal related to the Orthodox church.

Lead seal with the image of the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus.

Reconstruction of the castle using computer graphics.

Twisted glass bracelets; Medieval.

Medieval bracelets.

Medieval crossbow trigger.

Medieval iron hoe.

Medieval coin minted in 13th century.

Medieval rings.

Linked thin rods of gold; Medieval.

Medieval rings worn in the hair along the temple of the face.

Medieval glass beads.

Medieval buckles and a writing stylus for a wax tablet.

Medieval rings.

Glazed Medieval bowl with sgraffito decoration.

Medieval arrowheads.
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