Reconstruction of a Medieval Russian Helmet, Moscow Films, Russia.

Helmet - Russian, Шлем [Shlem]/// Belarusian, Шлем/// Bulgarian, шлем/// Polish, Hełm/// Czech, helmy/// Slovak, helmy/// Serbian, шлем/// Croatian, sljem/// Macedonian, Шлем (Sh-lam)

Military formations of the Sons of the Czar fas they fight each other to obtain the throne. An illumination from the the Radziwiłł Chronicle showing two groups of horsemen, both groups wearing helmets. From Sakharov (1980).

Medieval Russian helmets illustrated by Kolchin (1985:142.2).

Medieval Russian helmets illustrated by Kolchin (1985:141.1-6).

Medieval Russian helmet and sword illustrated by Sedov (1982:Figure 69.3).

Medieval Russian helmet illustrated by Sedov (1982:Figure 71.4).

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