Spanish Grant Site, 23MI31 The Spanish Grant Site (23MI31) is located in Mississippi County, Missouri. Amateur archaeological fieldwork at the site has yielded a number of pottery vessels dating from the Mississippian Period (approximately AD 900 to 1541); a sample of these are in the University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology. Most of the research at the site was carried out by Sam Jones (O'Brien and Wood 1998:325). The digital images used in this webpage are based upon the artifact registration images of the Anthropology Museum. I have increased contrast, brightness and sharpened some of the images.

Bell Plain pottery vessel from Spanish Grant Site.

Bell Plain pottery vessel from the Spanish Grant Site.

Pottery bowl from the Spanish Grant Site (corn is a modern prop).

Bowl with simple notching on the rim from the Spanish Grant Site.
O'Brien, Michael J. and W. Raymond Wood
1998 The Prehistory of Missouri. University of Missouri Press, Columbia.
Many thanks to Candace Sall (Associate Museum Curator at the Museum of Anthropology - University of Missouri) for her assistance in researching the records and collections of the museum. Many smiles to Ettus Hiatt for her help with text and content editing.

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