Four archaeological excavations have been conducted at the historic site of the First Missouri State Capitol (23SC678). Those projects were directed by Coombs (DNR) in 1963, Bray (UMC) in 1967, Hamilton (UMSL) in 1987, and Hoffman (SLCC) in 1989/1990. This website, hosted by St. Louis Community College, focuses on some of the results of the 1989/1990 season that was directed by Dr. Rob Hoffman (then serving as adjunct faculty at St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley). Colleen Hamilton et al. 1988 (University of Missouri - St. Louis) produced the most detailed analysis of the four excavations and some of their conclusions are cited in this report. The webpage was prepared by Professor Michael Fuller (SLCC) who visited Bob Bray at the site during 1967 and discussed the discoveries with him before his death in the 1990s.

The purpose of the four digs was to obtain information about the eleven rooms in the Capitol complex, and the Peck brothers' residence and general store during the early 1800s.

Undergraduate students from St. Louis Community College participate in a summer fieldschool program during the summer of 1990.

Two St. Louis Community College students record and drawn the limestone foundation and associated artifacts discovered during the summer of 1990.

Three male students stand around while two women students work in the 1 x 1 meter excavation units during the summer of 1990. Hmmm....

1989 excavation units opened by St. Louis Community College archaeology students. The Missouri River can be seen in the background.

The St. Louis Community College excavation was designed to locate the limestone foundations for 19th century buildings behind the First State Capitol.

The backyard of First State Capitol before excavation.

The backyard of the First State Capitol shortly after purchase and renovation of the building during the 1960s.

St. Louis Community College students excavated using 1 x 1 excavation squares in the backyard of the First State Capitol.

St. Louis Community College students recording soil colors with a Munsell soil color chart.

1960 era oblique aerial photograph of the Main Street (running horizontally [North-South], Madison (running vertically [East-West] north of First State Capitol) and First Capitol Drive (running vertically [East-West] south of the site.

Restored brick front of the First State Capitol.

One panel of an 1870 era stereoview card showing St. Charles from the St. Louis County side of the Missouri River.

Enlaraged panel of an 1870 era stereoview card showing the back portion of the First Tate Capitol.

Backyard of the First State Capitol taken during February of 2004.

Photographs of SLCC dig units at First State Capitol (23SC678).

Historic china from First State Capitol (23SC678).

Glass and buttons from First State Capitol (23SC678).

Animal bone from First State Capitol (23SC678).

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