Marble capital restored in the ruins of a Roman Period house that has been nicknamed the House of the Fuller (based upon features and artifacts found by the early excavators).

A joint team of Macedonian and Italian archaeologists have made great progress in uncovering the deeply buried Roman Forum at Stobi.

Description and plan of the Roman Forum at Stobi.

Professor Kiro Ristov (Skopje Museum) explains the site to Macedonian and American archaeology students while Boyd Pickup (Higher Education Channel) videotapes the large building.

Collapsed upper walls composed of fired bricks.

Well preserved marble paving at the base of the Roman Forum walls.

Metal clamps holding together part of a marble base inside the Roman Forum.

Mable base with clamps that was covered by a later structure inside the Roman Forum.

Vladamir stands on the top of preserved walls at the Roman Forum.

Marble steps and walls at one end of the Roman Forum.

Uncovered mosaic floors that are usually protected with sand (not part of the Roman Forum) at Stobi.

Mosaic pattern representing a deer.

Mosaic pattern representing a goose/duck.

Mosaic patterns uncovered.

Mosaic pattern representing a game bird (Quail?).

Mosaic pattern representing a chalice.

Mosaic pattern representing two pomegranites.

Closeup of the smaller game bird.

Turtle discovered in the grass by the students while touring Stobi.

American and Macedonian archaeology students touring Stobi with Professor Kiro Ristov (Skopje Museum) and Professor Michael Fuller (St. Louis Community College)
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