Southwest Missouri State University student excavation at Turner Station Site (23GR10A) during the summer of 1974 as part of the James River Basin Archaeological Project, sponsored by the Youthgrants program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Youthgrants in the Humanities (part of the National Endowment for the Humanities) awarded a grant of $10.230 to SMSU during the summer of 1974 to carry out the James River Basin Archaeological Project. Michael J. Fuller served as project direct with assistance from faculty supervisors Professor John Northrip and Dr. Gerrit tenZythoff. The summer project undertook excavations at several prehistoric sites (23GR10, 23GR303, and 23WB60). The project also included a detailed site survey and ecological survey in Webster and Greene Counties, Missouri.

Aerial Photograph of Turner Station site during Highway construction of Route D. Photograph taken facing South. Abandoned channels of the James River are clearly visible, but not significant crop marks associated with archaeological features were detected.

Turner Station bridgework facing eastward.

Turner Station bridgework facing westward. The cluster of cars parked in the foreground are near the location where construction crews uncovered a prehistoric house and a central hearth. The construction company did not allow documentation or study of the structure. A radiocarbon sample from the central hearth yielded a date of 1325 B.P. equal to AD 625 +/-130 (UGa-889).

Turner Station bridgework facing eastward during the first days of clearing timber and before grading the floodplain.

Profile of a test pit excavated at the Turner Station Site (23GR10A) during the summer of 1974 by undergraduate students from Southwest Misouri State University.

Line drawing of serrated Howard points associated with Caddoan culture and found at 23GR10a.

Mississippian Triangular and Crips Ovate arrowpoints from 23GR10a.

Reed Points used to tip arrows from 23GR10a.

Scallorn points (left) and other misc. Mississippian point types from 23GR10a.

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