Vardar Hill site has yielded artifacts belonging to the 5th century BC, 4th century BC, 3rd century BC, 2nd century BC, and 1st century BC. The site was not occupied during the Roman Period. Coins from the site includes issues belonging to Philip II, Alexander the Great, and Antipater.

Summer 2008 excavation units at Vardar Hill.

Street with buildings on both sides at Vardar Hill, 2008 excavation.

Foundations to buildings dating to the 3rd and 2nd century BC at Vardar Hill, 2008.

Stabilized and conserved walls from previous excavation seasons at Vardar Hill site..

Excavation profile at Vardar Hill site, summer 2008.

Excavated walls at Vardar Hill site, summer 2008.

Dejan Mitev and Professor Kiro Ristov in the stablized ruins of buildings at Vardar Hill site, summer 2008.

Vardar Hill site sign, summer 2008.
GPS location: N41 degees 08.897', E22 degrees 31.279' , Elevation 76 meters above sea level.
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