Young Site (23PL4) is situated in Brush Creek valley at the Missouri River Bluff line, 8 miles to the west of the Renner Site. The site size is reported as 16,000 square meters (4 acres). The site was excavated by crews from the University of Kansas under the direction of Professor Alfred E. Johnson. Fieldwork at the site was conducted during the summer of 1971. Special thanks to the University of Kansas Museum of Anthropology for carefully curating these artifacts, and for allowing Professor Michael Fuller to study and photograph selected artifacts from the collection during June of 2004.

Manker Notched point (artifact no. 89) from the Young Site. 21.7 grams. 5.9 x 4.7 x 0.9 cm.

Sherd no. 266 from the Young Site.

Sherd no. 273 from the Young Site.

Sherd no. 277 from the Young Site.

Sherd no. 287 from the Young Site.

Sherd no. 9 from the Young Site.

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Two radiocarbon dates from the village site are 40 +/- 110 BC and AD 610 +/- 75. Radiocarbon dates from the nearby Young Mound Site are AD 340 +/- 150 and AD 340 +/- 145.
Probable plant foods reported from the site include Chenopodium sp., Amaranthus sp., Polygonum sp., Iva annua, Vitis sp., Euphorbia sp., Helianthus sp., Prunus sp. (1),

Rubus sp., Juglans nigra, Carya sp., Corylus americana, and Quercus sp.

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