1986 crew photograph. Dr. Harold Mare is seated center in a pink shirt. Looking left of Dr. Mare is Michael Fuller, Neathery Fuller, and Dr. Bastiaan Van Elderen. Looking right is Dr. Horace Hummel and Dr. Wilkie Winter. The row behind Dr. Mare includes (left to right) Shelly Dunn, Judy Herzog, Julene Gernant, Abu Jusef Adawi (cook), Sultan Shureida (Jordanian Antiquity Dept. Representative), and Dr. Jack Lee. 4th row includes Robyn Magner, Mark Zeise, John Wineland, Bob Smith, xxxx, Mark Hartmann, and John Shoup. Back row includes Doyle Theimer, Deomar Roos, Lee Maxwell, and Tim Snow. Front row includes Douglas Potter, Amy Deeds, x, x, Valerie Haskins, Gretchen Witte, x, and x. [OK, email me if you can fill in more of the names, correct spelling, or correct an identification - MJFuller!!!]

Dr. Harold Mare (Director) and Abu Jusef, camp cook.

Michael Fuller mapping Area D in 1980.

Neather Batsell Fuller in 1982.

Russ Adams.

Bob Smith.

Dr. Horace Hummel (Concordia Seminary), Bruce, and Mark.

Shannon McPherron (left) and John Shoup (right) sort modern artifacts left behind by a bedouin encampment at Abila. Both of these students received Ph.D degrees and are professional anthropologists working in Europe and Africa.

Shannon McPherron on a weekend bus trip.

John Wineland write his Ph.D dissertation on Abila of the Decapolis. It has been published in the British Archaeological Reports series.