Abila Tomb H-60 Artifacts
The salvage excavation of Tomb H-60 was directed by Dr. Robert Smith during the 1996 field season; overall work at Abila was under the responsibility of Dr. W. Harold Mare.

Clay oil lamp. A96, Tomb H-60, Locus 009. Scale in cm.

Oil lamp in situamong human bones in loculus 2. Abila 1996, Tomb H-60.
Loculus 1 measure 215 cm long, 68 cm wide and 97 cm high. A partialy articulated adult skeleton was position near the mouth of the loculus. A second burial was situated near the center of the loculus with its head oriented towards the rear of the loculus. A Byzantine slipper lamp (special object no. 8) was found near the mouth of the loculus while a decorated Roman lamp (special object no. 9) was towards the rear of the loculus. A 6.3 cm. tall glass bottle (special object no. 10) was associated with the human remains in the center of the loculus.

Loculus 3 measured 110 cm long, 53 cm wide and 91 cm. high. Artifacts associated with this loculus included a glass bracelet fragment, glass ring, numerous fragments of metal bracelets, fragments shell beads, glass beads, a metal cylinder, and two coins pierced to be worn as jewelry.

Acrosolium 3 (locus 39) contained a coin pierced to wear as jewelry.
Artifacts kept by the Jordanian Department of Antiquities include:

Special Object 167 (locus 25) Glass bead in the shape of a juglet. Weight 2.6 grams. Height 1.8 cm and width - 1.2 cm. Black glass.

Special Object 170 (locus 46) Agate bead weight 4.2 grams, Oval shaped with brown, dark brown and clear swirls. Diameter = 2.7 cm.

Special Object 177 (locus 46) Round glass button with octagonal gold leaf gilding. Weight = 1.2 grams. Diameter and length = 1 cm.

Special Object 086 (locus 06) Byzantine clay oil lamp with a cross on the nozzle. Carbon residue around the wick hole. The handle is ony partially preserved. Weight = 48.2 grams, Length = 8.5 cm and Width = 5.8 cm.

Special Object 90 (locus 46) Byzantine clay oil lamp decorated with raised relief flowers. Carbon residue around the wick hole. Weight = 62.5 grams, Length = 9.5 cm and Width = 6.0 cm.

Special Object 131 (locus 09) Head of a terra cotta figurine of a small child. A single sherd, possibly from the shoulder, was also recovered. Height = 6.5 cm, width = 5.4 cm, and weight = 10 grams.

Special Object 135 (locus 39) Glass double vial out of green glass. Length = 11.1 cm, width = 2.5 cm and weight = 100.3 grams.

Special Object 136 (locus 09) Two ram head gold earring with horns that encircle the head and form a heart shape circle above the head. Stylistically similar to Late Roman jewelry - Weight = 1.6 grams.

Thank you to Dr. David Chapman (Convenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis) and Dr. David Villa (John Brown University) for permission to document to work with the artifacts and records from the Abila Project. Special thanks to Cheryl Eaton to helping locate the relevant artifacts and records. A nod of appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Robert Smith for his excellent records and careful excavation of the tomb H-60. Smiles and kisses to Neathery Batsell Fuller for the inked drwings of the tomb H-60 pottery.
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