Abila Tomb H-60 Roman Coins
The excavation of Tomb H-60 was directed by Dr. Robert Smith during the 1996 field season; overall work at Abila in Jordan was under the responsibility of Dr. W. Harold Mare.

Copper coin from locus 12 (special object number 196). Constantine the Great (AD 307 - 337). Diameter = 18 mm and weight = 2.1 grams. Obverse, bust laureate wearing imperial mantle.

Copper coin from locus 12 (special object number 195). Crispus (AD 317 - 326). Diameter = 18 mm and weight = 2.3 grams. Obverse, Bust, laureate.

Pierced copper coin of locus 39 (special object number 192). Probus (AD 276 - 282). Diameter - 21 mm and weight = 3.6 grams.
Coins retained by Jordanian Department of Antiquities:
Special object O-194, silver coin from locus 49. Eagle on reverse with a bust on the obverse. Field identification as a Phoenician tetradrachma possibly from Tyre. Diameter = 2.3 cm, weight = 14.1 grams.

Special object O-197, copper coin from locus 47. Obverse, radiant portrait of Diocletian IMPGG VAL DIOCLETIANUS PFAVG. Reverse, Concordia Militum. Mint name, ANTioch. Weight 3.5 grams, diameter 1.7 cm. >

Thank you to Dr. David Chapman (Convenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis) and Dr. David Villa (John Brown University) for permission to document to work with the artifacts and records from the Abila Project. Special thanks to Cheryl Eaton to helping locate the relevant artifacts and records. A nod of appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Robert Smith for his excellent records and careful excavation of the tomb H-6.
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