Abila Tomb K-1 Roman funerary statues
The salvage excavation of Tomb K-1 was directed by Dr. John Davis during the 1984 field season; overall work at Abila was under the responsibility of Dr. W. Harold Mare. Tomb K-1 had been robbed, but still very significant. It contained 9 limesone funerary busts there were found largely around the perimeter of the main chamber. They were positioned below the various loculi and would indicate that in some cases they were originally positioned at the end of the loculus (Davis 1985:70 - 76).

Limestone funerary Bust 1.

Limestone funerary Bust 2.

Limestone funerary Bust 3.

Limestone funerary Bust 4.

Limestone funerary Bust 5.

Limestone funerary Bust 6.

Limestone funerary Bust 7.

Limestone funerary Bust 8 from loculus 1015.8. Height = 29.2 cm, widgth = 12.8 cm, thickness = 12.5 cm and weight = 3.86 kg = 8.3 pounds.

Limestone funerary Bust 9.

Limestone funerary busts and the team of archaeologists who worked in tomb K-1.
Excavation records indicate that one of the limestone funerary busts (special object number 29) was found in locus 17 - the soil deposits just outside and immediately inside of the the mouth of loculus 10. The locus also contained the sherds of a bag jar.

Excavation records indicate that one of the limestone funerary busts was found in locus 10 - the soil was in the back of the tomb (opposite of the entrance) and had been thrown out of one of the loculi. The fill of locus 10 contained Early Roman, Roman, and Late Roman lamp fragments.

Davis, John J.
1985 Abila Tob Excavations: 1984. Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin 24:65 - 92.
Thank you to Dr. David Chapman (Convenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis) and Dr. David Villa (John Brown University) for permission to document to work with the artifacts and records from the Abila Project. Special thanks to Cheryl Eaton to helping locate the relevant artifacts and records. A nod of appreciation and gratitude to Neathery Fuller for her excellent records and careful excavation of the tomb K-1.
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