The Archaeological Institute of America, St. Louis Society owned a collection of 40 small artifacts for 100 years. These were documented artifacts, obtained with permission of the applicable governments. During most of that time, the artifacts were in storage. Repeated efforts over many years to place them with the St. Louis Art Museum and Washington University failed.

In 2014, the Society's board, after consulting with experts, decided to put the artifacts up for auction. As a result, 38 of the 40 artifacts were placed in leading museums, most in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. The Society board believes this placement was far preferable to continued long-term storage in St. Louis. As the New York Times reported on December 26, the artifacts, "largely forgotten" until now, are now headed for public display in a major museum.

On Tuesday, January 13, after full airing and debate of the issues, a majority of members of the St. Louis Society rejected an effort by certain members to remove the Society's board.

Posted 14 January 2015