The officers and directors met on January 25, 2015 to consider several options for the future of the Archaeological Institute of America - St. Louis Society. The board decided to comply with the National Council resolution of January 10, 2015, and thereby maintain the Society's relationship with the National AIA. Accordingly all current officers and board members resigned, and prior to their resignations, the board selected replacement officers and board members, who, by the Society's by-laws, will serve in an interim capacity until new officers and directors are elected. The resignations and the appointment of the replacement officers and directors were effective as of Monday, January 26, 2015. The replacement officers and board members are:

President - Linda Bickel
Vice President - Prof. Peter Warnock
Secretary - Prof. V. Anne Wessely
Treasurer - Michael Bickel

Board of Directors
Carolyn Davis
Dr. William D. Blanchard
Judy Shimkus
Carol Stevens
Prof. Emeritus Ralph Rowlett
Prof. Emeritus K. Ann Dempsey
Suzzanne Bouchard
Marilyn Lipman
Janet Cuenca

Posted 26 January 2015