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SO... You want to volunteer on an archaeological dig or may think about Archaeology as a profession? Summer Dig Volunteer Opportunities.

1. The Powell Archaeological Research Center (PARC) is an organization dedicated to saving archaeological data for future study. It has been formed by individuals concerned about the destruction of archaeological sites by ongoing development in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

2. Missouri Archaeological Society dig is often during the month of June 20-23.

3. Center for American Archaeology runs a field school in Kampsville, Illinois.

4. St. Louis Community College offers field school in the Republic of Macedonia

5. University of Missouri - St. Louis offers field school in Greece

---Middle School and High School students often ask what they should be studying in preparation for a career in archaeology and where they should enroll for college classes. Here is some advice by Professor Michael Fuller of St. Louis Community College:

You don't necessarily have to be Einstein to become an archaeologist, BUT a High School student interested in archaeology should have a report card with lots of As and Bs in classes like algebra, English composition, chemistry, biology, world history, etc. Strong skills in English composition are critical. An art class (drawing), public speaking class, computer class, and foreign language class (French or Spanish) would be very valuable.

How much college will it take to become an archaeologist? Bare minimum is 4 years though most jobs want 6 to 7 years of college. The top teaching and research jobs require a Ph.D degree and that involves a total of 8 to 10 years of college. There are no shortcuts. Washington University has the most prestigous archaeology program in the St. Louis metropolitan area, but it is also the most demanding and expensive. Archaeology is offered at theUniversity of Missouri - St. Louis and theUniversity of Missouri - Columbia. You can study archaeology at Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State, and Truman State University. Avoid colleges and universities that teach archaeology without offering the chance to participate on an archaeological dig.

St. Louis Community College offers archaeology classes at the Meramec and campus. Students graduating from the community college are readily accepted into the different university programs IF their grades are strong.

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Updated 13 October 2006