At Home in the Ancient World

April 25-26, 1997

A Symposium Celebrating the
90th Anniversary
of the
St. Louis Chapter of the
Archaeological Institute of America

Sponsored by Archaeological Institute of America Regional Symposia Committee (Eleanor Guralnick, Chair), Department of Art History and Archaeology at Washington University (Mark Weil, Chair), Department of Classics at Washington University (George Pepe, Chair), St. Louis Art Museum (Sidney Goldstein, Associate Director and Daniel Reich, Head of Adult Public Programs), St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley (Irving P. McPhail, President), St. Louis Chapter - Archaeological Institute of America (Dr. K. Ann Dempsey, President).

Program Committee:
K. Ann Dempsey, Michael Fuller, Robert Lamberton, Susan Rotroff, Sarantis Symeonoglou

Opening Address

Real Romans Ate Quiche: Pottery and People in Antiquity

Dr. Andrea Berlin
Illinois Department of Classics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Junior Fellor, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D.C.

Domestic Spaces

Susan Rotroff, Moderator, Departments of Art History and Archaeology, and Classics at Washington University
From House to Hovel: Domestic Life Along the Roman Frontier Mark Greco
Department of Archaeology, Boston University
Light and Women's Space in Ancient Greek Houses Nick Cahill
Department of Classics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
New Light on Early Atrium Houses: Notes on the Spatial Structure of Activity and Gender Owen P. Doonan IV
Department of Classics, the University of Illinois, Chicago and the Department of Classical Languages and Literature at the University of Chicago

Home Life in the Heartland

Sarantis Symeonoglou,Moderator, Department of Art History and Archaeology at Washington University and Director of the Odyssey Project.
Money, Social Class, and Decorative Taste in Flavian Pompeii Eleanor Winsor Leach
Department of Classical Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington
Children in the Roman Home: The Visua1 Evidence from Pompeii Jeannine Diddle-Uzzi
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Classical Studies Duke University
Food Technology in Roman Campania Robert I. Curtis
Department of Classics, University of Georgia, Athens

Domestic Issues in Syria and the Greek East

Lee Maxwell, Moderator, Department of Exegetical Philosophy, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
Paving the Way to Health:The Vestibule Floor Mosaic from The Bath of Apolausis at Antioch Adriana Calinescu
Curator of Ancient Art, Indiana University of Indiana Art Museum (1983) and Indiana University Associate Scholar (1992), Bloomington
Terqa and Haradum: Old Babylonian Period Houses Along the Euphrates Mark W. Chavalas
Department of History, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
Space Speaks Volumes: Quantifying Spatial Characteristics of 3rd Millennium BC Houses at Tell Melebiya, Syria Francis Deblauwe
Department of History, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Summation: Donald Whitcomb
Research Associate at The Oriental Institute and the Middle East Center, University of Chicago

Making Pottery Linda Mosley
MFA from Bradley University, adjunct professor of ceramics at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, maintains her own ceramic studio.
Reconstructing Pottery Judith Brilliant
AIA Trustee,Past President and Program Chair for the AIA-St. Louis Society, developed the Junior Archaeology Program.
Learning about Trenches Dr. Harold Mare
Covenant Theological Seminary and director of the Abila of the Decapolis Excavations in Jordan.
Learning about Flotation Chip Clatto
Graduate of Font Bonne College, and St. Louis Public School teacher, he has dug in Syria at Tell Tuneinir.
Bones: Animal and Human Dr. Elliott O'Reilly
Retired orthopedic surgeon and treasurer of the St. Louis Society.

Michelle Loyet
Graduate student in faunal analysis at the University of Missouri, Columbia. She has been working at Tell Tuneinir for four years and will return there this summer.

Gina Overshiner
Graduate student in human bone analysis at the University of Missouri, Columbia.


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