Antire Creek Site (23SL62) was excavated by a group of amateur archaeologists including Leonard Blake (a member of the Missouri Archaeological Society) ahead of the construction of Interstate 44 in St. Louis County. They were able to recover Middle Woodland, Late Woodland and Mississippian pottery sherds from the site. Leonard kept careful notes on a wall trench house and associated pit features at the site and he gave slides of excavation to Michael Fuller during the 1980s.

Photograph of the Antire Creek Site during excavation and before the construction of Interstate 44.

Sketchmap prepared by Leonard Blake showing the wall trench house and other prehistoric features identified by amateur archaeologists. The site was situated near the confluence of Antire Creek and the Meramec River. Construction of the I-44 bridge across the Meramec River destroyed the site.

Sketchmap by Leonard Blake of the wall trench house and associated pit features at the Antire Creek Site.

A stone floored pit associated with the wall trench house at the Antire Creek site. Leonard Blake discussed this feature in a seminar at Washington University in St. Louis and noted that it contained at least two balls of shell tempered clay that appeared to be the raw material for manufacturing pottery at the site. He described the balls as approximately 10 to 20 cm. in diameter.

Numerous pieces of freshwater mussel shell are visible in the profile of a deep test pit excavated by amateur archaeologists at the Antire Creek Site. The dark soil below the plowzone contained both shell and carbonized corn.

One sherd excavated by the amateur archaeologists was decorated with designs typical of the Middle Woodland Period in the Midwest USA. Sherd P132.

Large cordmarked rimsherd (P160f) from the Antire Creek Site.

Cordmarked rimsherd from the Antire Creek Site. Sherd P49.

Shell tempered rimsherd P149.

Shell tempered rim sherd 159c.

Shell tempered rimsherd with handle P159d.

Rimsherd P110b.

Shell tempered rim sherd P111a.

Rim sherd P56.

Rim sherd 179e.

Rim sherd 150.

Rim sherd 160k.

Rim sherd P107.

Rim sherd 176a.

Rim sherd P84b.

Rim sherd P84a.

Rim sherd 162a.

Rim sherd 159a.

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