The Bear Creek Site (23MT1491) was recorded in 2014 with the Missori Department of Natural Resources. It is an upland site situated on private property in Central Missouri; the site is pasture land and is not open to visitors.

Fluted point from the Bear Creek Site (23MT1491). Length = 72.9 mm, width = 28.3 mm, thickness = 7.8 mm and weight = 17.9 grams. Several slight changes in the blade edge strongly suggest that its length has been reduced by resharpening(s).

End scraper on a struck blade from the Bear Creek Site (23MT1491). The scraper is the same patinated chert as the fluted point. Length = 40.6 mm, width = 24.7 mm, thickness = 7.4 mm and weight = 8.2 grams.
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