Roman terra cottas in the British Museum

Located in London (of course).

Terra cotta of Demeter and Persphone. The pink textile worn by Persphone contrasts with the blue bedspread and Demeter's white garment. Made in Myrina (in modern Turkey); the museum's sign dates this artifact to around 100 BC but I would place it a century later. Inventory GR 1885.3-16.1.

Terra cotta of Aphrodite fastening a necklace that is now missing. The terra cotta was originally painted light blue; the artist wanted to portray a very fine textile. From Myrina (in modern Turkey) and dated to AD 100. The name of the artist is marked on the terra cotta; it was made by MHNO = Menophilos. Inventory no. GR 1906.3-10.1

Terra cotta of a young man dressed in a light red/pink toga.

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