Glazed Bowl with calligraphic inscription.

Glazed bowl with bird design, probably Persian. 12th c.

Light Green Ware jug with neck filter in the design of a camel. 14th c.?

Minai style glazed bowl with design of an elite. 14th c.

11th century luster ware with the name of the potter = GaĠafer.

Green glazed fritware from Egypt made to imitate Chinese Celadon ware.

11 to 12th century luster bowl with peacock and complex calligraphy. [sorry that it is blurred!]

Luster ware bowl with griffin design. 11th c.

Glazed bowl with Kufic inscription, Abbasid.

Mold made, channel nozzle oil lamp, Umayyad/Abbasid.