Archaeology: Bath

These images are from the City of Bath Museum.

Relief fragments from the temple.


Bone pens.

Sea horse mosaic.

Roman woman bust.

Unglazed pottery.

Glass vessel decorated with trailed glass treads.

Glass vessel decorated with trailed glass treads.

Quernstone for grinding wheat.

Oyster shells, pig bones, and sheep bones.

Decorated bone handles and a carved bone spoon.

Spoons and knife blades.

Roman skeleton.

Relief of a hunter using a dog to hunt a rabbit.

Metal mask.

Model of the temple and bath complex.

Tombstone of an optio (the second in command to a centurion). He carries his staff of office and a scroll.

Bronze patera (saucepan) found in the sacred spring.

Gravestone of a mounted Roman cavalryman trampling a fallen opponent.

Minverva relief.

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