Roman Archaeology: Canterbury

These images are from the Canterbury Roman Museum.

Restored glass vessel.

Broken glass flagon with trailed decoration.

Glass flagon.

Glass bowl/cup.

Glass jar with vertical ribs.

Glass bracelet.

Glass bracelet.

Pottery flagon, cup and dish.

Iron knife with bone handle.

Twisted metal bracelet.

Metal fibulae.

Metal fibulae.

Carpenter's square made out of bronze.

Iron chisels for woodworking.

Metal phallus pendant.

Eagle head cast out of metal.

Clay oil lamps.

Clay oil lamp.

Pottery vessel for cooling wine.

Samian ware dated from 1st century AD.

Samian ware with raised design of two gladiators.

Artifacts associated with bathing.

Silver and bronze coins; the latest coins are the silver siliquae of Emperior Honorius, minted at Milan in AD 395 - 402. Silver pin set with green glass, and gold hook-and-eye. Gold ring with a set of green glass.

Silver tool wtih Ch-Rho design; assumed use was for cutting communion bread.

Mosaic with evidence of ancient repair.

Mosaic in situ.

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