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Clothing Information Photographs from our years at events

How-To Articles
Excellent articles on a variety of time periods

Medieval Clothing Pages

Excellent how to articles!

The Costume Gallery Mainly 1860
Sewing Central
A Good site that has a lot of links to other good sites!
Mistress Cori On Kirtles Wonderful if you need a kirtle. And who doesn't???
Patterns of Time
Okay pattern
Islamic Clothing - Free Patterns
Hoodlum or DawnPages -- Hoods
Medieval Clothing Pages: Articles by Cynthia ...
Graceful ways to wear a Veil
Very good. Check out the dreaded Muffin head!
How to make a Coif
Excellent alternative to a veil or a hat!


For Your Shopping Pleasure

Sofi Stiches

Renown for the best and accurate clothing!

Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store Online

Medieval and Renaissance costumes, accessories, armor, weapons, gifts and collectibles.

The Pillaged Village

Museum Replicas

Historic Costume Resource-excellent



Katriana's Songbook

Three Black Ravens

Cariadoc's Miscellany: An Islamic Dinner
Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Books on Needlework and Craft


SCA-ARTS Listserv Citation Index: Knitting

Library of Knowledge

Gavvin's Keep

Stefan's Florilegium Archive

Middle East Medievalists

Kingdomality Personal Preference Profile
Arab Gateway: writing and calligraphy
Medieval paintings in the South of France

Incredible Crusader site

Fuller Castle Site

Castles on the Web


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