23SL2296 - Dampier Site

One of the most significant archaeological sites in the St. Louis area is the Dampier Site (23SL2296); it is situated in the floodplain of the municipality of Chesterfield, Missouri. Pottery and projectile point types found at the site would indicate that it was occupied during the Stirling Phase (ca. AD 1100 to 1200) in terms of the chronology at Cahokia Mounds. This website is designed for use by school children, amateur archaeologists and professional archaeologists.

Click here to see some of the features (houses & dog burial)... Click here to see images of exotics

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Stan Dampier (left) discovered the Dampier Site and Joe Harl (right) is in charge of the rescue excavation of the site.

Special thanks to Stan Dampier and Joe Harl for discussing the site with me and allowing me to photograph the artifacts illustrated on this webpage. Many thanks to Mark Leach and Larry Kinsella for providing some of the images on this webpage.

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