An ancient Christian tradition involves the martyr's grave in the center of Deir Sitt Demyanah (Monastery of Saint Demyanah) situated in the northern Delta of the Nile. Demyanah was the daughter of a regional governor during the time of Diocletian (AD 284 to 305). She chose a life of celebacy and took refuge with 40 other virgins in a palace built by her father. She was put to death and buried in a mass grave with 10 virgins at her feet, head, right, and left (forming a cross with Demyanah in the center). A great festival is held each year at the monastery from May 5 to 20. January 21st is also important in the calendar of celebrations at the monastery. Pilgrims come to the monastery in hopes of being healed, increased fertility, and comfort for the grief of a child's death. GPS coordinates for the monastery are North 31 degrees 17.683' and East 31 degrees 23.400'. The archaeologists and students from St. Louis Community College were given a wonderful feast by the sisters of Deir Sitt Demyanah during our visit during Lent of 2001. Many nuns reside at the monastery. They allowed photography inside the monastery but not of the sisters.

Professor Michael Fuller revisited the Monastery of Demyanah during March of 2007 with a better camera. The larger, higher resolution images were taken during 2007.

Sign at the entrance of the Monastery

View of the front gate to the monastery

An icon of Saint Demyanah

Grave of Demyanah and the 40 martyrs

Another view of the grave

Faint inscriptions on the grave

Cruciform pattern of lights

Raban DeoCescors

Modern mosaic of Demyanah

Coptic inlay and woodwork used to screen the haikal from the nave.

View of the cloth covered altar in the haikal of the monastery

Coptic woodwork

Coptic woodwork and decorated velvet curtain

New icon of Madonna and child set into the woodwork panel

New Chapel to Saint Demyanah

Embroidered Angel in New Chapel

Madonna icon in New Chapel

Two Rabans at Demyanah

A Raban at Demyanah

Domes and crosses at Demyanah

Dome and Cross at Demyanah

Demyanah roofs

Demyanah Shadows

Fields belonging to the monastery

Gardens of the monastery

Gardens of the monastery

Lunch for St. Louis Community College students and faculty in the monastery's refectory

Remodelling of a portion of the monastery uncovered the brick remains of an altar, probably from the Medieval or early Modern times.

Icon of St. George in the monastery

Icon of Archangel Michael in the monastery

A remodelled sanctuary in the monastery

New stained glass window in the monastery showing the Holy Family

New stained glass window in the monastery of Demyanah

New stained glass window in the monastery of Deyanah

New stained glass window in the monastery

New stained glass window in the monastaery

New stained glass window in the monastery

New stained glass window in the monastery showing the baptism of two children

Baptistery being remodelled in the monastery
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