Dura Europos Textiles

Textiles from Dura Europos shown in Roman Period wall paintings preserved at the site.

Synagogue wall painting of the Consecration of the Tabernacle including Aaron and male attendants.

Two images of Moses parting the Red Sea while wearing a toga with clavis.

Moses wearing a toga touches the stone in the Sinai to bring forth water.

Ezekiel and the hand of God.

Elijah, wearing a toga and seated on the sofa and two women in the story of the widow of Zarephath.

Samuel (white toga) annoints David (purple toga) amidst his brothers who all wear togas.

Four men in white tunics transport the ark.

Women watch pharoah's daughter (nude) discover baby Moses in the basket.

Men in togas and tunics witness the miracle performed by Elijah with the burning altar that been soaked with water.

Murder of the prophet, Zechariah ben Jehoiada.

Mounted spearman among fighters in chainmail.

Tunic, toga and angel dresses.

King of Egypt (seated) in the story of Moses.

Woman's eyes and hair from the bath house wall paintings.

The miracle of Jesus (in a toga) walks on water while his disciples (wearing colored tunics) watch from the boat.

Women approach the tomb of Christ on Easter morning.

Man in a toga and child in a tunic.

Long sleeve tunic drawing.

Mordecai on horseback.

Winged victory from the painted Roman scutum.

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