March 8-17


Egyptian Expedition, March 8-17, 1998
by Michael Fuller (Anthropology Dept. at SLCC)

SLCC students and faculty participated on a tour of Egypt with Professor Michael Fuller during Spring Break of 1997. The tour group was accompanied by Mr. Mahmoud Ashraf from Fayed Travel. The purpose of the fieldtrip was to learn about the ancient and modern heritage of Egypt. The group stayed at the Forte Grande Hotel in Giza, the Sheritan Mohazzahat in Alexandria, and the Morganland village in the Sinai. Here is what the group did on each day:

10 March
Mere-Reju tomb (Dynasty 6) at Saqqara
Pyramid of King Teti (Dynasty 6) at Saqqara (went inside)
French archaeologists excavating at Unias Causeway
Step pyramid of Zoser at Saqqara
Pyramid of Unis at Saqqara
Sculpture at Memphis
Rug weavers near Memphis
Boat Museum at Giza
Pyramid Group at Giza
Pyramid of Mekarenus (went inside)

11 March
National Museum
Ben Ezra Synagogue
St. Sergius Coptic Church

12 March
Sultan Hassan Medrassa
Irafi Mosque and tomb of Khedive Ismail
Algawhara Palace

13 March
Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria
Kom el-Shoqafa Roman Period tomb
Alexandria Fortress museum
Pompey's column

14 March
Deir Bashoi monestary in Wadi Natron
special guide, Father Shadrack

15 March
Suez Canal
Aiya Musa springs
Greek monastery at Oasis of Fenan

16 March
Climbed Mt. Sinai
special guide, Ramadan
Monastery of St. Catherine
special guide, Father Justin


For program information contact Dr. Michael Fuller
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