23SA128 - Fisher-Gabbert Site

The Fisher-Gabbert Site, is situated in the Big Bend region of the Missouri River Valley. The pottery and stone tools from the site belong to the technological/artistic tradition that is described as "Hopewell."

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The site was partially excavated during 1970. The soil at the site is stained dark by organic refuse. A total of 18 circular pits were defined by the block excavation of a series of 2 x 2 meter squares. A number of uncalibrated radiocarbon date for the site include AD 130 +/-250 (N-1049), AD 320 +/-100 (N-1050), AD 320 +/-100 (N-1051), AD 390 +/-100 (N-1052), AD 310 +/-100 (N-1053), AD 490 +/- 105 (N-1054).

Animal bones from the excavation include bison, dog, coyote, beaver, plains pocket gopher, striped skunk, prairie meadow mouse, white tailed deer, raccoon, fox squirrel, cottontail rabbit, eastern chipmunk, gray fox and red fox. Bird bones identified from the excavation include cooper's hawk, pintail, swifts, heron, goose, turkey, and prairie chicken. Plant remains recovered during excavation include copperleaf, amaranth, ragweed, hackberry, chenopod, spurge, rough pennyroyal, smartweed, purslance, sumac, beak-rush, blackberry/raspberry, stinking elder, false Solomon's seal, verbana, squash berry and grape. Nut fragments were recovered in the flotation samples but not identified. It is possible that the marsh elder (Iva annum), wormwood (Chenopodium ambrosiodes) and amaranth (Amaranthus sp.) were cultigens and not wild, gathered seeds. A indeterminate seed of chenopod "could" be Chenopodium berlanderi.


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