Foteviken in Sweden is a living history park that recreates technology typical of the late Viking Age and early Middle Ages. The park includes a small Viking shrine under a sacred tree outside the walls of the settlement.

Runestone and Viking guide.

Sanctuary to Viking gods and goddesses under a tree situated outside of the settlement walls.

Horse skull in the shrine.

Offering of stones with rune signs.

Runic inscription in the shrine.

Cluster of wooden carving of Viking gods and goddesses within the sacred shrine.

The figure of Freyr, with his erect phallus, is prominent in the shrine.

The figure of Thor, with his hammer, in the shrine.

The figure of the goddess Freya in the shrine.

Representation of Odin within the shrine.

Cart and shaded work area inside the settlement gate.

Houses inside the settlement and defensive tower in the distance.

Creating a braided leather rope at the house of the fisherman.

Cleaning fish at the house of the Fisherman.

Closeup of cleaning fish.

Fish grilling.

Wood lathe.

Pump drill.

Lathe sanding.

Grinder for flour.

Draw Horse.

Long house interior and Viking guide.

Dragon carved on the exterior of a Viking House.

The foundation stones and wooden sill for a new Long House as viewed from the defensive tower.

The village's Christian priest.



Abandoned cart.

Bread oven.

Circular loaves of bread inside the oven

Fresh bread on a wooden tray.

Butter and spreader for the bread.

Viking houses with the defensive tower in the distance.

Side street in the viking town.

Viking garden with steel toothed wooden shovel.

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