Bride in traditional (19th century) wedding dress arrives on horseback, escorted by groomsmen.

Drummers and zurla players enter with the wedding party.

Wedding party leaves the square to escort the groom back to the square.

Groom (left) and best man (right) return to the square with the wedding party.

The musicians keep up a steady song as the wedding party leaves and returns.

Friends of the groom arrive on horseback.

Family gathers to shave the groom.

Groom seated and awaits a shave.

Shaving cream.

Straight razor shave.

Washing the groom's face after being shaved.

Zurla players strike up a new tune.

The wedding party dances.

The wedding party dances.

Groom and friends prepare to ride including a rearing horse.

Horses return with wedding chests.

Bride rides to the wedding on horseback.

Bride symbolically bangs her head while on horseback.

Groom's mother wears a bread and flower hat when she greets the bride.

Bride is teased with horse harness which she refuses to wear!

Detail of the stitching on one of the men's hat in the wedding party.

Dance in honor of the bride and groom.

Dance in honor of the bride and groom.

Dance in honor of the wedding.

Bride and groom at the conclusion of the wedding celebration.

Galicnik in the mountains of the Republic of Macedonia.

Prince Ghazanfar Ali Khan of the Hunza people from Pakistan watches the Galicnik wedding.

Professor Neathery (St. Louis Community College) taking notes during the Galicnik wedding.
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