Unglazed, light green ware with calligraphic inscripation.

Unglazed, light green ware vessel with sword in raised design.

Glass beaker with enamel and raised glass nodules.

Medieval glass beaker with enamel and gild decoration.

Medieval metal bowl with raised calligraphic decoration.

Medieval metal bowl with incised decoration.

Ayyubid Period sgraffito bowl and closeup.

Ayyubid Period glazed pottery vessel.

Iron arrowhead and crossbow points.

Ceramic grenade.

Broken ceramic grenade.

Ceramic grenade.

Glazed grenade.

Ceramic grenade.

Copper coins - Islamic.

Medieval coin balance.

Medieval metal stamp.

Glazed bowl with stamp in center of bowl under glaze.

Glazed bowl with camel decoration.

Blue and black glazed bowl.

Ayyubid glazed bowl. >

Glazed juglet with fluted ribs.

Glazed bowl with faint decoration.

Light green ware vessel with raised decoration.

Mamluk Period painted jug.

Mamluk Period jug with painted decoration.

Pottery water conduit (pipe).

Glazed bowl.

Head made from plaster.

Outside of the museum in downtown Copenhagen.

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