Professor Michael Fuller, St. Louis Community College
SCA Michael of Safita, Barony of Three Rivers within the Kingdom of Calontir

We were honored to be included with the Milites de Bec group participating at the Hastings 1066 living history weekend.

Michael and Amira take a drink before the battle.

Neathery and British friends did some serious shopping among the cloth merchants.

Singers performing Medieval music inside the ruins of Battle Abbey.

A rank of bells created lovely music inside the ruined abbey..

Neathery and Amira listen to the music performed in the abbey.

Four Norman horsemen practice in the morning before the public arrived. We did not photograph the battle.

Two Norman horsemen - one with the dragon standard.

Norman horseman.

Mounted Norman archer.

Mounted Norman archer.

Norman horsemen practice with their swords on cabbage targets.

Five Norman horsemen.

Camp set up to help interpret Anglo-Saxon life in 1066.

Food display in the camp.

Drying fish in the camp.

Table of food in the camp. Can you find the puppy in the still life?

Horns and bowls in the camp.

Purple colored carrots considered to be close in size and color to Medieval carrots.

Women with a dyed ball of wool yarn.

A variety of breads.

Baker and her breads.

Antler and wood worker.

Tool kit for working with antler and wood.

Cutting antler and bone.

Preparing a comb.

Asymetrical die and a toggle.

Cutting a comb.

Scallop shells used a dishes to hold various herbs and spices.

Saxon pays honor at the spot here King Harold died.

Michael stands alongside the Saxon honor guard at the spot where King Harold died.

Amira and Neathery in the Battle train station waiting to return to Canterbury.

Neathery and Michael in the Battle train station waiting to return to Canterbury.

Many thanks to the Milites de Bec, and especially Sir Osbourne (Jesper Lorenzen), for including us in this fanastic event.

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