St. Louis Community College student visited the Egyptian archaeological site of Hibis Temple in the Kharga oasis on 6 March 2001. The temple was ungoing restoration during our visit so we could visit only the portico of Nectanebo I and II, the colonade and Vestibule. He hypostyle hall and sanctuary were inaccessible. The temple began during the DYN 27 (Persian) under Darius I (521-486). It was modified by Nectanebo II (358 - 341 BC) and the Ptomemies (322 - 45 BC). The temple was dedicated to the triad of Thebian gods: Amun-Ra, Mut and Khons. The digital images used in this webpage were taken by Professors Ying Zuo (Art Dept. SLCC), Michael Fuller (Anthropology Dept. SLCC) and Neathery Fuller (Anthropology Dept. SLCC).

Wall relief of a goddess, probably Neith.

Wall relief of the god, Min.

Small reflecting pool at the temple complex entrance.

A short avenue of Sphinx

Large Pylon facade

King making offerings.

Horus relief.

Procession of the Gods.


Colonade Capitals

Cartouche of Xerxes, 485-465 BC.


Cartouche of Nakhthoreb, (Nectanebo II) 360 - 343 BC.