Holliday Rock Art Site (23MN1)

A group of petroglyph (carved rock art) panels were published by Eichenberger (1944:45-59) in the Missouri Archaeologist. The Holliday Site is protected within a nature preserve and is virtually impossible to relocate because of the dense vegetation. The site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places during 1974.

Raised Hands panel (Eichenberger Group 1) is primarily composed of a tight cluster of images in one area with a single spiral petroglgyph situated 50 cm above the main panel. Eichenberger's drawings indicate the Raised Hands panel measures approximately 1.9 meters long by 0.4 meters in height. Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000: 119 - 120) described this panel as Rocky Hollow #1 and report that petroglyphs were repainted in the 1940s.

Drawing of the Raised Hands panel published by Eichenberger (1944:Figure 8). Another drawing of this panel was published by Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000: Figure 6.5).

Context of the Raised Hands panel (just to right of survey rod) under a shallow overhang during 2006.

dStretch image of the Open Hands panel (just to right of meter stick) taken during summer of 2016. An illegally excavated pit is visible, filled with rainwater.

Drawing of the Crescent panel (Group II) published by Eichenberger (1944:Figure 9).

Crescent (most likely the moon) in the Group II panel approximately 3 meters from the Open Hands panel (Group I). This is part of a continuous rockshelter wall.

Closeup of the two animals beneath the crescent petoglyph.

Professor Michael Fuller selfie by the Raised Hands Panel on September 11, 2016 at a revisit to the site.

Fish panel (Eichenberger Group 4) occupies an area measuring approximately 2.1 meters in length and .50 meters in height.

Fish panel drawing by Eichenberger (1944). Another drawing of the panel was published by Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000: Figure 5.40).

Fish panel contains a single bird form that was pecked into the stone and filled with red pigment.

Range of Thunderbird desings at the Holliday site (Eichenberger 1944:Figure 10).

Detail of the two bow hunters in the Fish panel.

Eichenberger (1944:Figure 11) of the two bow hunters in the Fish panel.

Detail of the elk in the Fish panel.

Eichenberger (1944:Figure 11) of the elk in the Fish panel.

Image of a thunderbird and cross on an isolated boulder. The thunderbird measures 18 by 18 cm.

Isolated boulder with thunderbird and cross image.

Drawing of stone tools and pottery sherds found near the rock art (Eichenberger 1944: figure 12).

Special thanks to Garry Saunders, MAS trustee, for his assistance in researching this site. Warm thanks to Neathery Batsell Fuller for her insights into this site.

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