Photographs taken in Iraq by Joseph Oleske while on active duty in Iraq during 2003. He served bravely with the U.S.M.C. 6th Motor Transport Battalion. The were taken in May of 2003.

Joseph Oleske on the restored stairway of the Ziggurat at Ur, Iraq.

US Marine ascend the steps of the Ziggurat at Ur, Iraq.

US Marines at the Ur Ziggurat.

Ur Ziggurat from a distance.

Palace walls at Ur, Iraq.

Joe Oleske at the doorway into a brick complex that the Marines were told was the house of Abraham/Ibrahim. A good tour guide story even during a war!

Tourism sign at Ur Ziggurat, Iraq.

Overview of Ur?

US Marines at Ur.

US Marines during fighting. Not at Ur.

Iraqi Patriotic mural with Saddams face (right side) blacked out.

Proud US Marines in Iraq.

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