Photographs taken in Iraq by Andre Sinou while on active duty in Iraq during 2003. He served bravely with the U.S.M.C. 6th Motor Transport Battalion. The photographs were taken shortly after Easter which means late April or early May of 2003.

Restored Gate at Babylon, Iraq.

Andre Sinou at the Ishtar gate of Babylon, Iraq. Notice the designs in the brickwork of the walls.

Looking through gates of Babylon, Iaq.

Restored palace complex at Babylon, Iraq.

Andre Sinou at Babylon, Iraq.

Restored and unrestored portions of Babylon, Iraq.

US troops in Mesopotamia with AndrZŁ Sinou, USMC.

Members of the 6th Motor Transport Battalion, USMC.

Andre Sinou, USMC.

Basrah Highway Sign, Iraq.

Baghdad Highway sign (lines from windshield), Iraq.

Andre Sinou feeds a shepherd/watch dog in Iraq.

Barf Laundry Detergent, made in Iran.

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