Two low mounds were mapped along the west bank of the James River by the James River Archaeological Basin Survey during the summer of 1976. The site was included within a National Historic Register District during 1978. Construction of the James River Interceptor Sewer System required the excavation of the mound as a mitigation of the site.

View of the rescue excavation with the James River in the background. The site was in the impact zone of a trunk sewer line.

Stone-lined chamber uncovered by the archaeologists from the Center for Archaeological Research at Missouri State University.

Late Woodland and Mississippian projectile points from 23GR46

Line drawings of the projectile points from 23GR46.

Line drawings of two bifaces from 23GR46.

Line drawing of the broken mouth to a hooded water bottle from 23GR46.

Special thanks to Jack Ray (Center for Archaeological Research at MSU) for providing the digital images used in this webpage. The excavation of the mound was begun by Dr. Lee Douthit and completed by Dr. James Price.

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