Rock Art at Indian Hill, Kansas - 14EW1

Indian Hill (14EW1) petroglyph site is situated in a conservation area and not open to public visitors.
The site has suffered repeated vandalism during the 20th century, so its exact location will not be disclosed.

Main panel of the Indian Hill petroglyphs.

Detail of the large horse with rider, plus pony (above the horse and rider).

Closeup of the horse head.

Figure with upraised arms above the horse-and-rider petroglyph.

Cast in the Fort Harker Museum situated in Kanopolis, Kansas.

Bundle petroglyph located to the right of the horse-and-rider petroglyph

Closeup of bundle petroglyph.

Main figure in central left hand panel. Blue paint was sprayed on the petroglyphs during the 20th century;
one graffiti boasts of "painting" in the 1960s).
Photoshop healing tool was used to remove 20th century date and initials from this petroglyph.

Closeup of figure below the diamond-body figure.

Closeup of figure above the diamond-body figure.

Context of panel with several buffalo dancer faces.

Closeup of buffalo dancer face.

Buffalo head dancer face - photoshop used to erase modern graffiti.

Buffalo head dancer frowning face, maybe.

Turtle petroglyph.

Cast of the turtle petroglyph in Fort Harker situated in Kanopolis, Kansas.

Petroglyph of a running bull.

Cast of the running bull petroglyph in the Fort Harker situation in Kanopolis, Kansas.

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