Kom Ombo

Professors Michael Fuller and Neathery Fuller visited Kom Ombo in 2007. We arrived with our tour group at the ruins at sunset, so most of the photography was done at night.

Columns in the temple photographed at night.

The temple at Kom Ombo was sacred to the gods Sobek and Haroeris.

Relief image of a goddess on one of the temple's columns.

Standards of different nomes represented in one of the wall reliefs.

Details of the hands of a goddess

Relief representations of Horus and the Sun Disk.

Detail of an anklet on a goddess or queen.

Relief of a harpist.

Crocodile Mummy.

Crocodile Mummy .

Deep well with spiral stairs leading to the water table.

Special thanks to Neathery Fuller, Amira Fuller and to Dr. Morad Nasr (our guide to the sites).

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