Langelier Rockshelter 3, Burial 1 frontal bone detail showing diffuse porosity. This partially flexed burial was positioned face down. The skeleton is interpreted as a female between 24 and 30 years of age. Her height can be estimated as 169.02 +/- 3.8 cm. (5'6.5" +/- 1.4') based upon the length of the left fibula.

Burial 1 junction of parietal and sagittal sutures showing diffuse porosity.

Burial 4 radii and ulna showing charcoal staining. Sex can tentataively assumed to be female based upon the light bone structure. The individual is at least 22 years old based on bone fusion rates. Her height is approximately 157.07 +/- 4.25 cm. (5'2" +.- 1.6') based upon the right humerus length.

Burial 5 cranium showing charcoal staining on the frontal bone. Burial 5 was located in 12-15 E, 1.45 - 3.35 S. Burial 5 may represent some of the missing elements from burial 4.

Burial 5 cranium posses a light brow ridge and small occipital bun, typical features of a female cranium.

Burial 5 cranium detail showing depression fracture along sagittal suture (centimeter scale). This healed fracture may have been the result of violence.