Little Spokane Rock Art Site

The rock art site is situated along the Little Spokane River in Riverside State Park. Keyser (1992: 118) provides directions to the site and a brief description; the pictographs are protected by an iron grate.

View of the site and protective iron grate.

Main pictograph and a gretagmacbeth mini colorchecker that measures 8.2 x 5.6 cm (3.2 x 2.3 inches).

Small pictograph to the right side of the main panel.

Large pictograph that is not part of the main panel.

View of a backwater of the Little Spokane River in the site area.

View of ice on the water in a backwater of the Spokane River.

Deer tracks in the soft sediment near the site.

Interpretive sign at the site. The GPS coordinates for the site are:

North 47 degrees 46.958' and West 117 degrees 29.825' at an elevation of 466 meters. This site is 20 km. away from the TumTum rock art site.

Special thanks to Betty Banks, program coordinator for the Spokane Society of the Archaeology Institute of America. She hosted my lecture in Spokane and subsequent day of fieldwork.

Keyser, James D.
1992 Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau. University of Washington Press, Seattle.

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