23SC572 - Little Hills Expressway Site pottery

The most significant pottery sherd from the site is a Hopewell zoned rimsherd decorated with the design of a spoonbill bird. The design element on this sherd closely parallels the decorated bowls found in cluster 3 at the Elizabeth Mound in .

Digitized slide of decorated pottery from 23SC572. The spoonbill bird design is on the top row, second sherd.

Crosshatched and stamped design sherds.

Matchstick size figurine from the Little Hills Expressway site.

Rimsherds decorated with crosshatched design.

Havana zoned sherds.

Havana zoned sherds.

Hopewell zoned sherds.

Naples stamped sherds.

Sherds decorated with punch-and-boss design.

Digitized slide of Late Wood pottery from 23SC572. These sherds are cordmarked.

Late Woodland sherd.

Late Woodland sherd.

Late Woodland sherd.

Clay discoidal.

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