Yeatman, James E. 1863 Report of the Western Sanitary Commission, ending June 1, 1863 [Pamphlet]

page 18: The hospital boat was originally called the City of Louisiana, and was the first chartered for this service. The Government supplied her with beds and commissary stores, and the Western Sanitary Commission completed her outfit, at an expense of $3000, and furnished the Assistant Surgeons, the Apothecary, and male and female nurses, supplying her also with sanitary stores. She conveyed 3,389 patients from Pittsburgh Landing, and other points on the western rivers, to northern hospitals, and was afterwards released from the service during the summer of 1862.

This boat has recently been purchased by the Government, remodeled for a permanent hospital boat, with accommodations for 500 patients, and named the R. C. Wood, in honor of the Assistant Surgeon General of the USA.

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