Yeatman, James E. 1863 Report of the Western Sanitary Commission, ending June 1, 1863 [Pamphlet]

page 5: Since the establishment of this Commission, (Sept. 10, 1861,) to the present date, (June 1, 1863,) there have been distributed, through its direct instrumentality, 752,938 articles of various kinds, for the comfort and health of the soldier, and the relief of suffering in the army and in the army hospitals, consisting of blankets, pillows, sheets, comforts, bed-sacks, shifts and drawers, socks, slippers, towels, handkerchiefs, dried and canned fruits, jellies, pounds of butter, pounds of zwieback, pounds of crackers, packages of farina, bushels of vegetables, bottles of wine, brandy and whisky, and many other things, which, for the sake of brevity, are not mentioned. The value of these articles is estimated at $395,335.96.

These articles have come mainly as the free gift of the noble women of the loyal States to their brothers in arms, and have been distributed through the agencies of this Commission to the hospitals in St. Louis and vicinity, Rolla, Sedalia, Lebanon, Springfield, Cassville, Houston, West Plains, Cape Girardeau, Pilot Knob, MO: Fayetteville and Helena, Ark; Columbus, KY; Nashville and Memphis Tenn.; to the hospital steamers City of Louisiana , (since named the R. C. Wood), D. A. January, Red Rover (Naval), City of Memphis, Nashville, Empress, Imperial, City of Alton, and to the Western armies in the field, in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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