End of day digging and the team (faculty and students) come down from the castle and hike back to do laboratory analysis.

Professor Kiro Ristov examines soil from the cistern sifted by Victor.

Professor Fuller explains how a Brunton Compass is used to survey a site.

Professor Michael Fuller, Professor Neathery Fuller and the site watch dog, nicknamed 3 o'clock.

Passing out equipment at the beginning of the morning for the hike up to the castle.

Professor Michael Fuller discusses how a handheld GPS unit is used to record artifacts and features at the excavation.

Macedonian and American students take a lunch break about 11 AM each morning.

Photograph of the crew at tne end of the summer 2007.

Students having a relaxing moment at the 4th of July party hosted by U. S. Marines.

Professor Kiro Ristov looks at a large roof tile fragment excavated by Patrick.

Shepherd (behind the tree) and a small herd of white goats find shade from the sun in the Bailey of the castle.
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